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Voyeuristic House Plant
Lover Let's Run Away Because the World is a Broken Toy
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9th-Jun-2011 09:34 am - Relieveing the Stress
Flower Kanda
Been a bit down lately, and it's really weighing on me mentally, I think even my brain is starting to feel the pressure since my dreams this time seem to make me feel a bit better and not confused about what my brain has been smoking.

The first dream was me with two unknown friends, having fun at some arcade for some event (something surrounded around a birthday or a party whose or what for I'm not sure) and we played games and stuff (also randomly I was me but with short blonde hair, pixie cut btw). And I when I started this dream (in media res of the actually content) I went over to this game that was something like across between the pop n' music machines, Hatsune Miku:Project Diva machines and [I'll get the name for this later].
Anyway I was playing that game and I was really good and I apparently I was winning, but didn't realize it until these weird ticket thinks came out of the machine; and at first I didn't know what they were but once I started gathering them up I realize I could use them to obtain a prize (also I won either 128 or 198 tickets in my dream ..I don't remember which)
After that I had folded up my tickets and went somewhere, telling my friends I'll be back, and when I did come back one of my friends were sitting at the machine and saying that, I could have put headphones on to play the game because the sound had disturbed the arcade. After she told me that she started playing the game to, but it wasn't for long and when she was done I had asked her where my things (the tickets) were.
I went over to them (no one told me where the tickets were) and I looked at them, and now they looked like unwrapped candies, like medium thickness small bricks of toffee or caramel,  I looked at my friend and I started going off on her since apparently she was the one eating my 'tickets' and that I needed them cuz there was a prize I was going to get it soon after. But she acted nonchalantly about it, and I ended up becoming violent about it.
More or less I attacked her out of rage but I didn't care, and when I stopped the physical attacks it became verbal, as by that time this unknown friend...became recognized as an old best friend who, wasn't exactly the best long term friend in the whole world, and more or less I screamed and shouted at her, venting all my frustration I had accumulated from those long years of being her friend when we were
children, and the general emotional impact it had on me as I got older and realized how terrible she treated me.
I did keep hitting her through my verbal attacks, just a few punches or slaps here and there but the verbal ones were infinite. And she was crying hurt and bruised, but by the end of it when I finally stopped and just stared at her ..I didn't feel any remorse or sadness.
I felt pretty relieved to finally be able to tell her  after all these years that, in a nutshell, she was a crap ass person. And it just ended with me standing over her angry but relieved.

The Second dream was way more mild, and more fragmented. But it started with me looking kinda dressed down but decent (something like skinny jeans, flats, long shirt, with an overly long shawl/poncho thing) and I was waiting on the train platform and apparently I was meeting someone because some guy came up to me and I guess we were friends or w/e and we were talking IN JAPANESE (random note: 1UP for my first dream in broken Japanese) anyway the language fluctuated b/w english and japanese. And for whatever reason we were on the platform for ever, and the guy then started telling me that he liked me, and wanted to date me, and typical cliche moment of us about to get on the train at the same time he said that, and the shock of being confessed to made us miss the train eAe.
Anyway I thought he was just joking and it was weird for a bit but apparently he was serious, but I told him that I was going back to the states during christmas and unfortunately wasn't coming back to Japan for god knows when. But he seemed unrelentless and was like I'll go with you and get  married and all that good cliche stuff, and I'm not even sure if I thought that was nice or weird or w/e I just knew  I was ok with that.
And when I expressed vocally I wouldn't mind him coming along, the entire scene shifted to a more american place. And I was a bit more shabby still in the same clothes and I was standing on someones porch and some guy (A NEW ONE) was with me and he was trying to usher me inside, and saying things about meeting his family and not being shy about this and apparently I ran. Then another scene change  and I'm still in the same clothes but I'm working on moving stuff from my apartment (doesn't look like actual apt, this one is much bigger) and I was moving some giant round ball and as I was moving it, I somehow ended up in what looked like some abandoned underground subway area. But as I kept rolling the ball around trying to figure out where I was people started appearing; first some construction workers and then everyday people as the underground area became more lively and certain sections were opened or cut off. Such that one cave area was where some drama or music video was being filmed, and in another section there was like this zoo thing. As I was trying to leave/ figure out where I was, I stopped on this platform and decided to watch the performance that was going to occur.
Then the POV switched a bit (or I just had super hearing) and while I was waiting for the performance to start, the guy I ran away from was with some girl and was also waiting for the performance. And they both noticed me, and I didn't notice them till I decided to leave (performance was taking to long to start) and I went back to rolling the Giant ball around look for the way out; and the guy he started to follow and look for me and his girlfriend(?) was like angry that he was going to go look for me and said something like "You just can't forget those brown eyes can you."
And after that the rest of the dream was me avoiding him in this underground tunnel thing..which eventually became somewhat of an aquarium...and I don't know what happened cuz at some point I stopped running and he caught up...but my alarm went off..so that's the end of that.
loool, so lets start with the dream I had last night,

Apparently, in that dream I was getting ready to marry Richard Gere,and apparently was some kind of inventor or w/e, (WHO BTW I don't even like or think is attractive, but apparently my brain was like LET'S RICHARD GERE THIS UP) and like in the dream he was showing me and my friends around his Estate  and stuff before the wedding.
And as we were walking around there was like this glass church and a couple was getting married, and I remember the brides maid's had on like blue and black lolita dresses and then I asked Richard Gere if we were going to get married at this church, and he was like no it's at a different church.
Then a hole appeared on the ground and he was like go through. And it was like some cardboard shoot that he had invented to get to the next location. So I went down and the cardboard came down with me and no one else could get down. Then he was like "Is it broken?" and I was like "I think so" ..and then I saw a church.......END

And this next dream lool that happened while I was taking my nap, went a little something like this;

So for a bit in the beginning I was Ed from FMA and like this kid came over and he was trying to get in my house,but I wouldn't let him. And then i started training him in martial arts by teaching him how to do some chores outside my house. Then when I wasn't looking he tried to get in my house again, then I turned to him and with an evil look, I said don't go in.
And then it went to flashback mode and it started with "the camera" looking @ Goku from DBZ. Then an op song and theme started and it was like explaining what this season of DBZ was and like it kept showing where ppl important to Goku and some enemies turned into weird plant things and their faces all looked like yams that had been twisted over each other and took over their faces.
Then the episode/flashback went back to Goku and he was training in some glass building (in that one blue outfit) and then a mangled yam face that looked like a tan Cell(the DBZ chara) broke into the glass thing and went looking for something. Then Goku went and hid from it as it went to where he was and it like opened the coffin of Hercule and turned him into a yam face. Then Goku jumped up to where the yam face was and set himself up like he was going
to fight but instead he flew past yam face and through the glass off into the sunset, in search of help.

Lately my dreams have been REALLY weird...and IDK why maybe it's this new ice cream I've been eating lool?
30th-Apr-2011 10:58 am - Animals
Been a while since I blogged anything here but W/E ...it's now time for AYA HAD A DREAM AND IT WAS ODD

So like I DON'T EVEN KNOW what's going on lool. THE END ...lol jk, kjk

But like the dream starts off with me getting a call and the person on the other side is like "She's with somebody" and I was like "Oh?"  and then the person was like "She had sex too" and then I was like "What kind is he" and the person said "You know that, owls aren't the only ones that eat mice"  Then I grinned and was like "Oh, I know. Crows eat mice too."  and the other end was like "Yes crows poach mice too."
Then some other stuff went on with the conversation ..but it did a weird fade black(or white IDREMEMBER..IT FADED OK)

Then later in the dream there's one other person, a man (looks somewhat hispanic with dark hair and beardy+mustache facial hair combination) and we're at like an airport or train station of some sort. And the male is very angry. He was like "She's to young for this, it's not fair."  And then things were said but I couldn't hear  and then I said "Did you know that crows poached mice."  And then the guy looked at me and got more upset then calmed down a bit and said "At least it's not an owl"
Then a girl (who is the daughter of the guy)  walks up and she waves at us, but has a frown on her face. Then she says "Is this really necessary"  And then her and her father were talking/arguing for a bit and then the girl turns to me and says "You told him didn't you"

And I just grinned and she seemed to be really mad at me. Then I was like "So I heard that the crow got the mouse."  Then the girl blushed and asked  "Who told you?"  but I grinned again and was like "Auntie knows everything"
Then there was some more talking between me and the girl, and then she said to me and her father "He should be here in a bit."
And then I was looking past her trying to figure out which person coming our way was the one she was talking about. Then some guy with glasses stopped next to her and then the girl introduced him, "His name is Sanjay" she said.

And I just scoped him out and was like, "Oh, I like this one. I really like this one." and ..I was just being a creeper to this guy xD

and then there was some chatting between the four of us and stuff happened

yeah another dream where I have just throwing info out there lool
17th-Jan-2011 04:06 pm - When was the last....
.....time that I updated this journal HOMG, I feel like it's been AGES

But yeah, back in Japan for escuela....and it's brutal...cuz it's like  A BAJILLION DOLLARS...for this school and then even though it's got a decent campus, they don't have a lot so it cost OODLES of money just cuz you gotta keep buying supplies and other stuff....and sadness no meal plan....luckily my friend is gonna teach me some money saving tips so I can bring lunch and save money which will be Cho  awesome and all that 8'D

yeah...really just updating for the sake of updating, need to update SCW....too....at least I can easily update that anytime since I always have sketches not uploaded to my LJ or Tumblr xD

oh yeah I have a tumblr....I'll link it somewhere....eventually or something like that

yeah ok the end 8'Db
15th-Sep-2010 09:42 am - Waking up
Last Night/Today's dream is fairly short

There was no images no nothing, just pitch black. All I heard was 'We never know when your going to wake up'

and right at the end of that sentence my alarm went off o_o kinda weird right...trippy
14th-Aug-2010 02:52 am - Work was....
...InterestingCollapse )
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